Kristi Atkins

Home Town: Peachtree City, GA
Status: Married
Alma Mater: The University of Georgia
On my iPod: Thanks to my husband, I have a little bit of everything!
What I drive: Volkswagen CC
First Real Job: Marketing Coordinator, Georgia Federal Bank
Last job prior to aim: Vice President, The GEM Group, Atlanta, GA
Dream Job (beyond current position of course): Announcer for The Tour de France
Favorite aim experience or event: lots of them...Rolex 24 Hour: SunTrust win in 2005 & midnight rides on the Ferris Wheel, Sound & Speed, Big Brown run for the Triple Crown! Hopefully many more to come!

Team: Georgia Bulldogs
TV Show: South Park
Movie: Pulp Fiction
Sport: College Football
Band or Concert: Jimmy Buffet
Vacation or City: Any place with a beach and an umbrella drink
Restaurant or Food: Surf and Turf
Value in Others: Integrity

Attribute I like best about myself: I'm a pretty good multi-tasker
Worst Habit: I am bad about remembering people's names
Sweet or Unsweet Tea: Sweet... after all I am from the south!
Most and Least favorite innovations: Blackberry and Blackberry... it is a love/hate relationship
Words to live by: "Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back." Babe Ruth