Hi-Chew Goes Full Color


Hi-Chew, the #1 fruit candy in Japan was looking to grow their brand awareness among adults ages 18-34, so we partnered with The Color Run and other fun runs to bring the fruit chews full-color. In addition to fun runs, we blanketed college campuses with flavor ambassadors to spread the Hi-Chew love between classes.

The goals were to generate brand awareness, drive product trial, and increase brand consideration in key US markets.

We encountered many Hi-Chew fanatics who were thrilled to learn they could find the product in local stores, and we converted many other fruit chew lovers to be Hi-Chew fans.

  • Total reach was 42.1% above goal
  • 30 sampling opportunities including 24 college campuses and 6 fun runs
  • 7 markets: Boston, Detroit, LA, Minneapolis, Portland (OR), Salt Lake City, and Seattle
  • Bonus shout-outs from color run DJs
  • Campus events targeted high-traffic events including football games, STEM events, Alumni Weekend, and more
  • Debuted new flavors
  • “These are better than Skittles”
  • “Where can I buy these?”
  • “The Hi-Chew guys are better than the Red Bull girls!”
  • “Oh man, Hi-Chew! This just made my day!”
  • “I’ve seen you guys around in stores. I’ve never tried, but now I will.”
  • “This is just what I need to get me going.”
  • “Hi-Chew is here? How fun!”
  • “I’ll remember the first day of class because I received Hi-Chew.”
  • “Wow. I didn’t know there were so many flavors!”
Project Details